Getting Started with Sonic Pi on Raspberry Pi 

Yes! You heard right, we can compose music by using programming. It sounds strange but we can code music by using Sonic Pi application. Sonic Pi is an excellent example of combining creativity and programming, and it encourages people to use both sides of their brain. It is a Raspberry Pi-based music synthesizer and sequencer but now you can use it for windows and Mac also. Here you don’t need any musical instruments or keyboard to play music review film but you will play music by writing code. If you don’t like music, it’s a fun way to generate some unusual noises. And if you like music, your imagination is your limit. In this tutorial, we will introduce you to the Sonic Pi application and at end of this tutorial, we will compose a Happy Birthday tune by using Sonic Pi.

Introduction to Sonic Pi
Sonic Pi is a code-based music creation and performance tool and it allows you to create and perform music using code. Sonic Pi is an open-source programming environment that uses the process of making new sounds to explore and teach programming principles. It is developed by Sam Aaron at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory to produce a free live coding synth for everyone. Sonic Pi may be used to program, write, and play in a variety of classical and current styles, from Canons to Dubstep. It can be used for live coding music.

Some musicians have chosen to compose with computer code rather than traditional acoustic and electronic instruments. This is known as “live coding,” in which a DJ takes the stage with a laptop, opens a coding interface, and creates songs in real time.

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